DTC Remover 2022 For Kess Ktag Fgtech OBD2 Soft Mtx Dtc 1.8.5. + Extra ECU Tuning Full ECU Software Car Repairing Diagnostic

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It is a false detection. This software is used by hundreds of car enthusiasts without any problem.

2021 DTC Remover for KESS KTAG FGTECH OBD2 Software MTX DTC Remover with Keygen + 9 Extra ECU Tuning SW Software ECU Fault
DescriptionPlease read the instructions before installation.
Please note: Software files are modified and some software files may be detected by your antivirus protection as viruses or unwanted programs.It is a false detection. This software is used by hundreds of car enthusiasts without any problem.
This app will allow you to turn off the MIL light on your dash, this is done by disabling the relative OBD P code from the ECU's internal logic.
How does it work:1. Select the ECU model from the list.2. Load the file that was read from the ECU3. Enter the OBD P code or manufacturer specific error code displayed by your diagnostic tool4. Press DTC OFF5. Pepeat steps 3 and 4 for multiple codes6. Press SAVE
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MTX operation
ECU list:For Alfa/F-iat/Lan-cia Bo-sch EDC15C2For Alfa/Fia-t/L-ancia B-osch EDC15C7For Alfa/F-iat/Lan-ncia Bos-ch EDC16C8For Alfa/Fi-at/Lan -cia Bo-ch EDC16C9For Alfa/Fi-at/L-ancia Bo-sch EDC16C39For Alfa/Fia-t/L-ancia Bos-ch ME7.9.10For Alfa/F-iat/La-cia Bos-ch EDC17C49For Alfa/ F-iat/La-ncia Marelli 6JFFor Alfa/Fi-at/Lan-cia Marelli 6F3For Alfa/F-iat/Lanc-ia Marelli 8F2For Alfa/F-iat/Lan-cia Marelli 8F3For Alfa/Fi-at/Lan-cia cia Siemens SID803AFor Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volk-swagen EDC15VM+For Audi/Se-at/Sko-da/Volks-agen Bos-ch EDC15PFor Audi/Se-at/Sk-oda/Volksw-agenBo- sch EDC16U1For Audi/Sea-t/Sk-oda/Volk-wagen Bo-sch EDC16U31For Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volks-wagen Bos-ch EDC16U34For Audi/S-eat/Sko-da/Volks-wagen Bo -sch EDC16CP34For Audi/Se-at/Sko-da/Volk-swagen Bo-sch EDC17U01For Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volk-swagen Bos-ch EDC17CP04For Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC17CP14For Audi/Se-at/Sk-oda/Volks-wagen Bo-sch EDC17CP20For Audi/Se-at/Sk-oda/Volk-swagen Bo-sch EDC17C46For Audi/Se-at/Sk-oda/Volks-wagen Bo- ch MED17.1For Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volks-wagen Bo-sch MED17.1.1For Audi/S-eat/Sk-da/Volks-wagen Bo-sch MED17.5For Audi/Se-at/Sko -da/Vol-kswagen B-osch MED17.5.2For Audi/Se-at/Sk-oda/Vol-kswagen Siemens PPD1.xFor Audi/S-eat/Sk-oda/Volksw-agen Siemens Simos PCR2.1For BMW Bo -sch EDC15C4For BMW Bosch EDC16C31For BMW B--osch EDC16C35For BMW B-osch EDC17C06For BMW Bo-sch EDC17CP02For BMWbos-ch EDC17C41For BMW B-osch EDC17CP45For Chevrolet Bosch EDC16C39For Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Bosch EDC15C7For Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Bo sch EDC16C31For Chrysler/ Dodge/JeepBosch EDC16U31For Dacia Continental SID306For Ford Bosch EDC16C3For Ford Bo-sch EDC16C34For Ford Siemens SID202For Ford Siemens SID206For Ford Siemens SID803AFor Ford Siemens SID804For Hyundai/Kia Bosch EDC16C39for Veco Bosch EDC16C39For Jaguar Bosch EDC17CP11For Jaguar Siemens SID204 For Land Rover Bosch EDC16CP39For Land Rover Bosch EDC17CP11For Land Rover Siemens SID201For Mazda Bosch EDC16C3For Mazda Bosch EDC16C34For Mazda Siemens SID804For Mercedes Bo-sch EDC15C6For Mercedes Bo-sch EDC16C31For Mercedes Bo-sch EDC16C32For Mercedes Bo-sch EDC16CP31For MiniBosch EDC16C35For Mitsubishi Bosch EDC16U31For Opel Bo-sch PSG16For Opel Bo-sch E DC16C9For Opel Bo- sch EDC16C36 (2.5L)For Opel Bo-sch EDC16C39For Opel Bo-sch EDC17C18For Opel Bos-ch EDC17C19For Opel Bo-sch EDC17C59For Opel Marelli 6JFFor Opel Marelli 6O2For Opel Marelli 6O3For Peugeot/Cit-oen Bos-ch EDC15C2For Peugeot/Ci tro-enBo -sch EDC16C0For Peugeot/Citr-oenB-osch EDC16C34For Peugeot/Cit-roen B-osch EDC17CP11For Peugeot/Citr-oen Siemens SID201For Peugeot/Citr-oen Siemens SID201AFor Peugeot/Citroen Siemens SID803For Peugeot/Citr-oen Siemens SID803AFor Peugeot /Citr- oen Siemens SID804For Renault Bo-sch EDC16C3For Renault Bo-sch EDC16C36 enault Siemens SID301For Renault Continental SID305For Suzuki Bo-sch EDC16C3For Suzuki Bo-sch EDC16C39For Suzuki Marelli 6JFFor Suzuki Marelli 6F3For Suzuki Marelli 8DSFor Nissan Continental SID305For Volvo Siemens SID803For Volvo Siemens SID803A

Operating System: Win 7/8/10

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