Davinci Car ECU Repair Programmer DPF EGR Flaps ADblue remover Chiptunning Remapping sw Davinci V1.0.28 Win7/10/11 Diagnostic Cars

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Note: Software files are modified and your antivirus protection may detect some software files as viruses or unwanted programs.

It is a false detection. This software is used by hundreds of car enthusiasts without any problem.

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Includes installing video

2. Work on win7/10/11 pro/ultimate

If you run it on win 7, you need to install the patch, or the software can't be opened.

3. We only send the software via download link, not CD or USB stick!

4.Support 25 languages

Version 1.0.28

-ForV..W..dlphi.DCM6.2v added support for new version file

-Updated AdBlue solution for Fiat EDC17C69

-For Fiat DCM3.5 DPF solution added

-For Fiat DCM3.5 EGR solution added

-For Fiat DCM3.5 TVA solution added

-Added fix for Fiat DCM3.5 Lambda

-For Peugeot DCM3.5 DPF solution added

-For Peugeot DCM3.5 EGR solution added

-For Peugeot DCM3.5 TVA added solution

-For Peugeot DCM3.5 Lambda solution added

Veraison 1.0.27

This update will fix all EDC17xx BWM solutions

-ForB.M.W.Bosch EDC17xx fixes all solutions

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x DPF solution corrected

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x ADBLUE solution corrected

-For VW Siemens PRC2.1 Genearal Solutions Corrected

Added DTC export function.

-For jeep. Bosch EDC17C69 added brewing solutions

-For jeep. Bosch EDC17C69 starting and stopping solutions added

-For jeep. Bosch EDC17C69 AdBlue added solutions

-For Fiat/ALFA/LANCIA.Bosch EDC17C69 added preparation solutions

-For Fiat/ALFA/LANCIA.Bosch EDC17C69 AdBlue added solutions

-For Fiat/ALFA/LANCIA.Bosch EDC17C69 added start and stop solutions

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x DTC solution added

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x DPF solution added

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x EGR solution added

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x added Lambda solution

-For Peugeot DCM6.2x TVA added solution

-For V.W.Bosch MED17.1.1 preparation solution added

-For V.W.Bosch MED17.1.2 preparation solution added

-ForV.W.Bosch MED17.1.6 preparation solution added

-ForV.W.EDC17U1 corrected DPF solution

-For Peugeot EDC17C10 DPF corrected solution

-ForFIAT/ALFA/LANCIA Marelli 8F2/8F3 DPF solutions (Ducato) corrected

-For Fiat/ALFA/LANCIA Marelli 8F2/8F3 corrected DPF solutions

-For Fiat/ALFA/LANCIA Marelli 8F2/8F3 corrected start and stop solutions

-ForV.W.Siemens PRC2.1 has added more file versions

-ForV.W.Bosch EDC16U1 added more file versions

-ForV.W.DCM6.2 DPF solution fixed (fan spinning for a long time)

-ForV.W.DCM6.2 AdBlue solution corrected (counter on dashboard)

-ForV.W.Bosch EDC17C64 has added more file versions

-ForV.W.Bosch EDC17CP44 added more file versions

-DTC fix fixed for some Bosch PPD1.x versions.

-ForMB.Bosch EDC16cp31 has added more file versions

-ForMB.Bosch EDC17CP57 has added more file versions

-ForMB.Bosch EDC17C66 AdBlue solution corrected

-For BMW.Bosch EDC16C35 corrected EGR solution

Virus took over my computer had my computer down for 24 hour on a boot scan try to get the virus out of it. Definitely not worth the trouble and downtime.

AppData\Local\icsys.icn.exe It extracted a second hidden file which contains the PWS:WIN32/VB.CU trojan. Details : This program is dangerous and captures user passwords. THIS IS NOT A FALSE POSITIVE. ( I specialise in tech and observed it in sandbox ) There are 3 Trojans linked to this software but this was the most concerning.

Facil instalacion y buen funcionamiento

Good good good good good 👍

Cette version est limitée a certaine voiture, il n' y a pas Citroen, Renault, Alfa, logiciel installé sur windows 7. Dommage pas utile pour mes voitures...

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