Diagnostic Diagbox V9.91 Tool Full Auto Repair Update For Lexia3 91 PP2000 Lexia-3 Diagbox Citroen Peugeot Till 2021

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It is a false detection. This software is used by hundreds of car enthusiasts without any problem.

Diagbox V9.91-03.2021

Latest VMWARE version of fully operational Peugeot and Citroen diagnostic and programming software

Diagbox V9.91 part description:

Top 7 reasons to get miDIAGBOX V9.91:

1.V9.91 support all compatible cars until 2021

2.V9.91 works for multi-brand Citroen/Peogeot/DS automobiles/Opel

3. Pre-activated version V9.91, install directly, no need to wait for seller to activate for you, save time and money.

But it must work with V9.68 in VM (Virtual Machine), VM installation is easy and fast.

We provide VM installation video and V9.68 installation video!

4. Full Function Version V9.91: Diagnosis, Resets, Adaptations, Module Teletransmission...

Excellent live tests by automotive repair experts around the world, confirmed the good feature of the release.

5.V9.91 support win7/win8/win10 (only work on 64bit)

6.V9.91 complete in 24 languages but in the Virtual machine loaded in French.

7.V9.91 can work with any version of lexia3 / lexia XS.

-V9.91. Attention:

1 Firstly, please make sure your PC can work with VM (Virtual Machine), please go to BIOS and enable INTEL virtualization, then boot V9.91 on VW, we will send you the Video Guide of V9.91 on VM, you must follow the steps and steps of the video.

2. It can be used on as many machines as you like, so you are not limited to one pc.

3. Diagnostic and programming software that works completely in the Virtual Machine requires the latest AMD or Intel Celeron/Pentium CPUs, 25/30 GB of free HDD space and more than 4 GB of RAM.

DiagBox 9.91 in Virtual Machine works perfectly on:

64Bit Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and ultimately Microsoft Windows 8 8.1 or 10 editions and 8GB RAM

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