Can Clip V212 with key up to 2029 Car Software for Renault Reprogramming Airbag Test Base Doc Physical Measurements Multimeter

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Renault Can Clip V212 is an automotive software for multi-function testing with the help of "Can Clip" device diagnosis, with the features of mtesting and programming all OBDII cars of original France cars. Suitable for personal use and companies that want to take advantage of the popular car market. Test system including engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning system, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, anti-theft system, KEYZESS GO and obd-ii system.

Software version: Renault can hold V212

Operating System: Win 7 32bit/Virtual Machine

Update: From 1998 to 2020.

(Software with activation license until 2029/12/31!)

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